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Zion descends from a bloodline that includes CSR CH, VA1 USA, 5-2x VA1, CACIB, FH2, FPR3, SCHH3, IPO3, ZVV2, ZOP

Zion is training for therapy work! She currently volunteers for Carolina Sports Clinic and is loved by the staff and clients! She is such a comfort to those awaiting therapy. If you have an opportunity that she can serve let us know! Zion is also receiving training from Alexanderhof kennels and will be participating in upcoming shows. We’re excited to share her up and coming accomplishments. 


Empathetic, Attentive, and Low Drive.   

Zara descends from a bloodline that includes Czech police dog, SCHH3, FH, VA3, ZVV1

Zara is one of our beautiful long hairs. Long hair is the forefather to the more familiar “short-hair.” Dogs with this gene have a calm temperament and tend to be more playful, affectionate, and friendly. Their eagerness and obedience are exceptional. They make outstanding dogs for families as they love the company and connection of humans. Zara is a beautiful example of affection and compassion towards her humans! These attributes also make her an incredibly loving mother to her pups.


Focused, Fierce, and High Drive.

Kiefa comes from K9 working line and is a retired service dog. 

Apex GSD Specialists began with Kiefa. Her keen intelligence inspired a love for this breed. She began her seizure service dog training and quickly learned to respond to the needs of her handler. German shepherds are #1 of 6, being the best seizure dogs. GSD’s can detect epileptic seizures up to 45 minutes before they occur. A canine nose can smell odor molecules in the parts per trillion, including those the human body releases during a seizure. Dogs cannot be trained to alert to oncoming seizures. Those dogs that do alert their owners or other caretakers do so naturally. … In short, a seizure alert dog is a dog that naturally alerts to seizures. Kiefa alerts when a seizure is coming which allows her handler to get to a place of safety before one comes on. She has responded to countless seizures allowing her handler to come out of them in a reliable manner. 




Confident, Comforter, and High Drive. 

Axel descends from a bloodline that includes Police K9’s, 4x BSP, FCI NATIONAL, SCHH3, IP3, IPO3, FH2, SVV3, ZVV1, AD, 2-2xVA1 BH, UMS FCI, UMS WUSV, 2*UM CR, MISTR CR

Axel is a seizure alert and response dog. A seizure response dog is trained to perform various behaviors in response to a seizure. Service dogs can be trained to do a variety of tasks, including barking to alert caregivers when a seizure occurs, moving in a way to protect the person having a seizure, or activating an alarm. Axel naturally alerts oncoming seizures and responds with kisses to wake his handler out of a seizure. He has saved his handler many times when she was unresponsive. The bond they have because of the trust and security he provides is unsurpassed.



Gentle, Loyal, and Low Drive.

Jericho descends from a bloodline that includes SCHH, SWE Sieger, 2x VA1

Jericho is an Emotional Support Animal and is a wonderful companion. He provides emotional support and comfort to his handler so that they can deal with challenges to their quality of life. He eases anxiety, depression, and phobias that are critical to function normally. 

According to the AKC,  The Fair Housing Act includes ESAs in its definition of assistance animals. Under the act, people cannot be discriminated against due to a disability when obtaining housing. Rules such as pet bans or restrictions are waived for people who have a prescription for an ESA, and they cannot be charged a pet deposit for having their ESA live with them.” The (American Disability Act” clearly states that animals that simply provide emotional comfort do not qualify as service animals. Some state and local laws have a broader definition, so be sure to check with local government agencies to learn if ESAs qualify for public access in your area.”

The Air Carrier Access Act “no longer considers an emotional support animal to be a service animal.”

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