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At Apex we are balanced trainers. There are a vast amount of methods and strategies that can be used in training and this knowledge gives the ability to address dogs in their specific needs as an individual. We are not limited by one training method or strategy. Each pet is as unique as we are and driven by different currencies. Understanding there are many approaches yields better results. We can assess and problem solve each situation in an unbiased manner. As a trainer, we can look at the dog in front of us as a whole animal and adapt our approach based on what the individual dog needs.  Positive reinforcement is our first choice. Correction comes only after the task is understood. Dogs thrive when they have clear expectations and boundaries. Our methods give each dog the security of learning in their way and at the appropriate speed. We want each session to be a positive learning experience and obedience training can be fun! The retention level of obedience is higher when the dog enjoys doing what he’s learning. We look forward to meeting you and your pup and coming up with a customized plan to reach your goals.


Basic Obedience

Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Controlled Walking

Enriched Obedience

Fetch, Drop It, Leave It, Crating

Advanced Obedience

Heel, Target, Off-Lead Training

*All Training will be with Voice and Hand Commands

Each situation is unique so we take the time to listen and assess your needs. We then build a customized plan for you and your dog to reach each of the desired steps.  Our goal is the retention of learning and to develop the habit of each new skill. We will equip you with the knowledge to reinforce each skill set so that we can partner and get optimized results. Contact us today to get started!