We are excited to welcome you into the Apex GSD Specialists family.

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We are passionate about building bright futures for loving families that will nourish, train, and protect our dogs.

My story is a little unique, 4 years ago my Dr. told me that I needed a service dog to keep me from having a stroke. As I researched the price of service dogs I was looking at paying 25k. As a former trainer for Victoria’s Secret, Guess, and a well-known software company, I was determined to become certified for breeding and training. I take pride in the retention, rescue, breeding and training of GSD’s. 

Our story started with my Service Dog Kiefa, who faithfully responded to my seizures and my illness at its worst. She has been retired, because the first 3 years of her life she faithfully took care of me and now she gets a season away from the pain, to enjoy Family and Motherhood.  Axel now has the mantle and continuously serves and saves my life. Our GSD family grew with partnerships, mentorships, and handpicking our dogs. Last year, I welcomed with open arms my trusted partner, Rachel Hall who has trained our first PTSD service dog. 

As a former director, my passion was people and people development. As the founder of Apex GSD Specialists, our goal is to train others to carry the same spirit of excellence, and to build the same global bridge, in breeding and training. Our focus is on training, health testing with an emphasis on temperament. Our commitment is to ensure the retention of our GSD family, and your family, for a lifetime. 

We are here for you! Welcome to the family! 

Monique Gillming

Founder & Owner Apex GSD Specialists
Leadership Volunteer Associate Professional Dog Trainers
Founder Chronic Hope
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